The blog of Christof Jans

C# REPL in Windows Terminal 2021-06-19

In this blogpost I will show you how to set up a C# REPL in Windows Terminal.

JwtAuthLib 2021-05-01

JwtAuthLib is a .NET library to help implement authentication for WebApi projects without using .Net Core identity. As the name implies it uses Jwt bearer tokens.

Converting Markdown to PDF 2021-02-21

Recently, I had to convert a large number of Markdown files to PDF. Obviously, I wanted to automate this.

Calling Javascript from Blazor 2020-12-12

Blazor Webassembly is a technology that allows you to write web applications in C#/.NET . But sometimes you need to call into Javascript.

The proper care and disposing of one's service provider 2020-12-10

Recently, I was working on an application which logged information to the Console. The issue I ran into is that the logging information would not always show up in the console; sometimes it would, sometimes it wouldn't.

Find the culprit with git bisect 2014-03-18

Suppose you are developing your application, merrily committing code when suddenly you realize that a bug has been introduced. You know for sure an earlier commit was correct but the last commit is not. The bug was introduced somewhere between these 2 commits, but where?

Test 2013-07-14

This is a test post of my new "blog-engine". The world clearly does not have enough blog engines so I decided to write my own. It uses git, .NET Core and Markdown on the client and is hosted on GitHub.