C# REPL in Windows Terminal

by Christof Jans | 2021-06-19

In this blogpost I will show you how to set up a C# REPL in Windows Terminal.

What is a C# REPL?

REPL stands for Read/Evaluate/Print loop. The user types in a command, the command gets evaluated, and the output is returned to the user. A C# REPL uses C# as the command language.

This is different from the traditional way of using C#. Traditionally the user would write a C# program, compile it, and run it. A REPL is interactive, you get instant feedback.

Many C# REPLs

There are quite a few C# REPLs out there.

In this blogpost, I want to focus on CSharpRepl : it's a cross platform (.Net 5) C# REPL that supports syntax highlighting and intellisense.


CSharpRepl is installed as a global tool :

dotnet tool install -g csharprepl

Once installed all you have to do to invoke it is type csharrepl and you're good to go:

Integrating with Windows Terminal

In Windows Terminal, click CTRL+, to bring up the settings tab. Click "Add new", name it C# and type in csharprepl as the command line option:

And you're good to go.

Hope this helps.